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Knowledgeable Oregon Attorneys Assist Cannabis Businesses and Defend Clients Facing Criminal Charges

Accomplished lawyers in Klamath Falls interpret marijuana legislation to protect residents

Navigating Oregon’s cannabis laws can be complicated for both consumers and retailers. New laws governing the use and sale of cannabis sailed through both chambers of the legislature in the past few years, and more cannabis bills are expected to be considered in the near future. Oregon, like Colorado, allows cities and counties to decide whether recreational marijuana stores can operate in their areas, so it’s important for businesses to understand local and state law. At Phil Studenberg Attorney At Law, P.C., we help Oregon cannabis users and business owners protect their legal rights, while making sure they don’t inadvertently land themselves in trouble with the law.

Klamath Falls attorneys counsel Oregon cannabis businesses

There are so many different components of cannabis law in Oregon that it can be difficult for recreational cannabis retailers to stay on top of all requirements. We help cannabis business owners with:

  • Marijuana tax obligations — Oregon taxes recreational marijuana at 17 percent, and individual municipalities may add an additional tax of up to three percent if voters approve. Cannabis retailers are responsible for paying their tax portion to the Oregon Department of Revenue, where it may be used in part to fund state education and mental health programs.
  • Regulatory compliance — We make sure clients abide by cannabis regulations, including limits on the number, size, and maturity of plants, the amount of product that retailers are allowed to sell to one person, at one time, or in one day, the proper labeling of hemp products, ID checking mandates, and general reporting and tracking requirements.
  • Business formation and licensing — Just like any business owner, cannabis retailers must register with the state. They must also obtain necessary licensing from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and submit to oversight by certain agencies, such as the Oregon Health Authority for medical marijuana operations and the Oregon Department of Agriculture for industrial hemp growers.
  • Litigation — Cannabis business owners could be sued by, among others, disgruntled customers or commercial entities who don’t want recreational marijuana retailers as neighbors. If you’re facing litigation, we can work to protect your rights under Oregon law.

Whatever aspect of cannabis law affects your business, we can help you avoid potential pitfalls, protect your rights and assets, and address any legal issues that may arise.

Dedicated criminal defense lawyers in Oregon fight cannabis charges

While recreational and medical marijuana use — and sale — is legal in Oregon within limits, the laws are complex and easily misunderstood. We aggressively protect the rights of defendants facing criminal charges under any of Oregon’s cannabis laws. Some provisions misinterpreted include:

  • Cannabis use by minors — Marijuana users must be age 21 or older. Sale of the substance to a minor carries strict penalties, whether the drug is purchased from an individual or from a licensed retailer. Selling or growing marijuana near a school carries especially harsh penalties.
  • Amount of cannabis allowed — There are limits on the amount of cannabis a person or retailer may possess or distribute, and public use is still prohibited and prosecuted.

Whether your individual cannabis use or cannabis business practices resulted in fines or an arrest, we can seek reduced or dismissed charges.

Contact knowledgeable Oregon lawyers to arrange a consultation on cannabis law

Whether you’re a cannabis retailer or a recreational user, the state’s cannabis laws can be difficult to understand and follow. Call Phil Studenberg Attorney At Law, P.C. at 541-887-6070 or contact us online to set up your initial consultation.

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